The secret of getting ahead is getting started

At Telemed Management we help you start on the right path. We provide a comprehensive solution to all of your telemedicicne needs - whether it is conception of the program, assessing clinical needs, selecting appropriate technology, training staff, identifying telemedicine providers, assessing program outcomes, or managing your existing telemedicine program - we are here to help you. We work with you through the entire process of program design, development, implementation, and ongoing operation. With over 20 years of collective experience in supporting the growth of telemedicine and providing expert advice on telemedicine development, the team at Telemed Management is well versed to support your program development efforts.

Telemedicine / Telehealth Overview

Specific Areas of Expertise

Telemed Management specializes in delivering a blueprint for action and providing hands-on guidance throughout the development and implementation process. Partnering with your administrative, operational, and technical staff, Telemed Management provides program direction and management support to ensure the sustainable growth and success of your telemedicine program. Telemed Management is also available to provide outsourcing services to assist with carrying out administrative and operational business requirements.

Our structured approach to assisting you begins with a detailed needs analysis and organizational assessment of existing capacity. Our efforts continue with providing guidance with your planning and design activities, assisting with equipment selection and installation, identifying telemedicine providers, supporting program implementation and operation, delivering onsite training and developing metrics for program evaluation and improvement.

List of Services

We provide an array of services to assist our clients with implementing all types of telemedicine applications. Services we provide include:

  • Planning

    Telemed Management can help plan your entire telemedicine / telehealth program from outset to completion. We have the experience in the work space to help your team get your project started.

  • Technical

    Operational assessments and technical analysis are important aspects of every telemedicine operation. We can help you with every facet of the technical side of your enterprise.

  • Implementation

    From room design and setup to writing policy and procedures, Telemed Management has the ability to integrate telemedicine into your current program.

  • Operations

    Everything from simple program support to full management and operation outsourcing can be partnered through Telemed Management. We also offer a full suite of training programs for staff and physicians.